What do your children learn when you separate from your partner?


Your husband treats you like a servant and behaves as if he were the eldest son. He doesn't take any responsibility as an adult and lives like a king in his home.

If you separate from him, your male child will realize that it's a great injustice for men to abuse and exploit women. It will also help him understand that if he does the same, he will end up alone. Because fewer and fewer women are working for their husbands for free.

If you separate, your daughter will know that love doesn't mean enduring, that women haven't come into this world to serve, and that all women can and should rebel against selfish men. She will learn from you to stand up against sexism, as it is through examples that girls and boys learn.

Your husband mistreats you when he's angry or nervous. He insults you, humiliates you, speaks to you with contempt, or stops talking to you for days as a punishment.

Your husband controls you, watches over you, and limits your freedom.

Your husband lies to you, hides information from you, deceives you.

Your husband cheats on you, has other partners, and doesn't allow you to have other relationships.

Your husband doesn't let you use your money, doesn't consult you when taking a loan, doesn't allow you to work, and spends his income on other women or parties with his friends.

Your husband doesn't love you, doesn't treat you well, doesn't take care of you, doesn't worry about you.

If you separate, your sons and daughters will learn that you should stay away from people who don't take care of you, that marriage isn't for a lifetime, and that women deserve life partners with whom to work as a team and face difficulties. And if they find themselves in the same situation someday, they will know that they don't have to endure, that they aren't condemned to suffering, that being alone is better than being in a relationship that doesn't care for you.

If your children see you fighting for your freedom and rights and see you liberating yourself, they will learn to fight for their freedom and rights and can break free from all relationships based on sexism, abuse, and exploitation.

If you're unhappy and you separate, if you take care of yourself and take care of them, your sons and daughters will learn to take care of themselves and work for their well-being and happiness.

Coral Herrera Gómez