Love utopias for everyone

How about replacing "Prince Charming" with "a better world for everyone"?

Imagine, girls, channeling all our energies, knowledge, creativity, skills, imagination, desire and eroticism, love, aspirations, strength, and time into building a better world.

Millions of women are now alone, suffering for love, or dreaming of a non-existent being and an unrealistic model of a partner as salvation.

Let's transform individualistic romantic utopia into a collective love utopia where we all fit. Envision a world of organized women saving themselves together, with their feet on the ground, fighting for their rights, breaking free from patriarchy, creating networks of solidarity and mutual support, revolutionizing affections and relationships, working on emotions for personal and collective transformation. United women designing a better world, free from violence, discrimination, hierarchies, and exploitation.

Women defending the right to pleasure, women who want to enjoy love, women who want to experience joy and happiness, women building their love utopias free from dependencies and patriarchal myths, disobedient and rebellious women dreaming of a better world.

Coral Herrera Gómez

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